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The Best Reasons to Live in Shanghai – Top Tips!


If you are considering moving to Shanghai and think it’s a great idea with a lot of opportunity behind it, you are right. Shanghai has developed at the speed of light and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down any time soon. Here are some things you should consider after moving. 1. Register with the Police All foreigners that arrive in China must register with the police. If you are staying in Shanghai apartments then …

Shanghai Circuit – witness the exciting F1 Chinese Grand Prix


Venture out to Jiading, Shanghai and encounter some of the fastest cars and the best of drivers do battle at the Shanghai Circuit which is has made a name for itself since the year 2004 for hosting the Chinese Grand Prix. Stay at a Shanghai hotel such as the Millennium Hongqiao Hotel Shanghai which is situated in close proximity to the track during the race weekend. This Shanghai city hotel would come across as one …

Shanghai International Arts Festival – Where Art Comes Alive


Shanghai is a destination that transcends the essence of art. With a history so rich in culture and tradition, the creations from this country have an exquisite aura behind it. Every year the city of Shanghai hosts the Shanghai International Arts Festival (SIAF); the only festival that is recognised at the state level and organised by the Shanghai Municipal. The Shanghai Festival exhibits the world of art, be it Chinese or foreign in the most …