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This is central Shanghai

Zhujiajiao Ancient Town – an appealing attraction


Travellers to Shanghai should make it a point to visit the attractive Zhujiajiao Ancient Town. This picturesque water town, sometimes called the Venice of Shanghai, has existed since ancient times, laying claim to a historical heritage of over 1,700 years. Covering an extent of 47 sq km, this town which seems to resemble a fan in shape glistens like a shining jewel amidst the bordering landscape of mountains and lakes. The visitor will see many …

Zhujiajiao Town Shanghai – Venice of Shanghai


  Step away from the towering skyscrapers, busy streets of vehicles and thousands that crowd the streets, the brilliant flashing lights and the constant hum of the big cities to a tranquil antiquity of flowing waterways crisscrossing under beautiful bridges of stone and wood. Located in the suburbs of Shanghai, Zhujiajiao is the best preserved of the four ancient towns in the area. Dating back to more than 1700 years to the Yuan dynasty when …