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The Three Gorges – On the River Yangtze


Well known for being one of the most scenic parts of Yangtze, the Three Gorges Dam is a major attraction near Chongqing. Wu Gorge The Wu Gorge is sourced in Wushan, from the point at which the Daning River mixes with River Yangtze. For travellers who are staying at Chongqing accommodations close by, taking a ride up the Daning River will let you see the mini Three Gorges too, at the far end of the water body. …

Shanghai Museum – Discover the Grandeur of Ancient China


The Shanghai Museum is shaped very differently, and it is pleasing to know that its structure is symbolic as well. It is widely believed that the massive dome signifies the ancient belief that heaven was round and the square base suggests a square-shaped earth. Intriguing, you might think. But wait until you have entered the museum to find eleven galleries that focus on different types of Chinese art. In addition to the galleries, the museum …

Shanghai Art Fair, always memorable


The acclaimed Shanghai Art Fair has secured a reputation as an outstanding art fair which has gained the attention of the global artistic sphere. It has become well accepted as an established artistic extravaganza which draws the attention of connoisseurs and art lovers not just in China but across the world. Over the years since its inception in 1997 the Shanghai Art Fair has met with great success, due to its focus in presenting the …