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Shanghai Museum – Discover the Grandeur of Ancient China


The Shanghai Museum is shaped very differently, and it is pleasing to know that its structure is symbolic as well. It is widely believed that the massive dome signifies the ancient belief that heaven was round and the square base suggests a square-shaped earth. Intriguing, you might think. But wait until you have entered the museum to find eleven galleries that focus on different types of Chinese art. In addition to the galleries, the museum …

Shanghai Museum: A Glimpse of China’s Historical Grandeur


The history of the Republic of China has withstood over 3000 years of evolution and witnessed the rise and fall of many a great emperor, king and dynasty. In modern times, relics from significant periods of history are preserved and exhibited in an attempt to educate current generations of the nation’s former grandeur. For instance, during the Han Dynasty there existed a transparent bronze mirror and only three specimens of this exist in the 21st …