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Shanghai Art Fair, always memorable


The acclaimed Shanghai Art Fair has secured a reputation as an outstanding art fair which has gained the attention of the global artistic sphere. It has become well accepted as an established artistic extravaganza which draws the attention of connoisseurs and art lovers not just in China but across the world. Over the years since its inception in 1997 the Shanghai Art Fair has met with great success, due to its focus in presenting the …

Shanghai International Arts Festival – Where Art Comes Alive


Shanghai is a destination that transcends the essence of art. With a history so rich in culture and tradition, the creations from this country have an exquisite aura behind it. Every year the city of Shanghai hosts the Shanghai International Arts Festival (SIAF); the only festival that is recognised at the state level and organised by the Shanghai Municipal. The Shanghai Festival exhibits the world of art, be it Chinese or foreign in the most …

Shanghai Tourism Festival – A Celebration of Cultures


The year 2013 will see the twenty fourth edition of the Shanghai Tourism Festival, an annual event held in the massive Chinese city since 1990. It is a joyous celebration of cultures from around the world. From its humble beginnings, the festival has expanded to become one of the largest travel expos in the country. The travel festival kicks off with a grand parade held along the city’s main streets. The parade features floats and …