Shanghai Museum – A Major attraction

China is a country so vast that there are endless places to explore for both the local and the tourist. Amongst the must visit places for any visitor to this country in order to understand its rich heritage and culture are its museums located at all key cities in the country. Amongst all the establishments that educate the visitor about this nation and its people, Shanghai Museum takes a special prominence because it is considered to house one of the most popular and largest collections of antiques and objects from various era and areas.

Some of the reasons why this attraction has become so widely known are because of its extensive collection of displays, the broad range that they belong to and also the building itself that has been constructed with the expertise and input of the latest technology and knowledge thus emerging as an architectural marvel. The museum spans close to 40,000 square metres thus making it bigger than its initial size. The building is built in the shape of a bronze Ding.

For the visitor it would be interesting to know that there are ten permanent collections on display at the museum. These include furniture that belonged to Ming and Qing-dynasty, ancient Chinese bronzes, ceramics, seals, sculpture, jades, calligraphy, paintings, coins and currency, furniture, as well as crafts that belong to China’s national minorities.

In addition to these various objects there are numerous other items on display at any given time for short periods and what is more there are temporary exhibitions of items brought from abroad from time to time. Among the most important and most impressive collections are the bronzes, furniture that belonged to various dynasties as well as calligraphy.

Those who are interested in art and history and even for any other tourist this is a great atmosphere to familiarize oneself with ancient Chinese heritage. There is many a service apartment Shanghai for the international businessmen and their families to stay at while exploring this country. Amongst the many hotel apartment Shanghai is the Citadines Biyun Shanghai providing easy access to a number of industrial zones and numerous other facilities for a luxurious stay in this city.

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