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Tian Zi Fang – A Bit of Old Shanghai


An arts and crafts enclave off Taikang Road near the French Concession, Tian Zi Fang is a popular tourist destination as much for its shikumen traditional architecture as for its arts and crafts. Being close to transport links, city attraction are easily reached from Somerset Heping Senyang, a popular service apartment Shanghai. The charm of Tian Zi Fang is that it is located in the alleyways that were once part of a residential district of old Shanghai. …

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium – To Explore the Wonders of the Deep Blue Sea


The enchanting world down under, forever rippling and pulsating with fascination beyond words is where endless beauty abides. Here is where swarms of silver bodied fish swim in sweet harmony and the stolen colors of the rainbow glitter in the thick formations of coral that edge the boundaries of the great blue deep. To catch a glimpse of this ceaseless beauty, one may step in to the glorious vicinity of the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, where …

Shanghai Art Museum – To Admire the Grandeur of the Olden Days


The Shanghai Art Museum was an old museum located in the city of Shanghai in China. The museum is now called the China Art Museum after the rebranding that took place in the month of October, 2012. The museum holds a rich history, formerly being the building that housed the clubhouse of the Shanghai race course. Located on the west of People’s Park and north of People’s Square, the Shanghai Art Museum was the original …