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Shanghai Acrobatics- An unforgettable performance!


Starting from ancient days, Shanghai Acrobatics is renowned as one if the oldest performing arts in China. First it started with performing laborious movements and defensive skills and gradually it developed into a different type of performance which is an entire art feat. Nowadays this performing art is regarded as a national performance where balancing, tumbling, dancing and flexibility are involved. When you are in Shanghai, you should not fail to watch an acrobatic show …

Zhujiajiao Water Town – Experience China’s Unique Tradition


China has both an intriguing history and a powerful present making the large nation an intricate mix of old and new. While its cities are bursting with commercial activity, the nation also has towns where China’s beautiful heritage and unique traditions have been well preserved. The traditional Chinese lifestyle is unique to that anywhere in the world, so visitors to China’s great cities should take the time to get familiar with the customary way of …

Shanghai Xin Tian Di – Mosaic of the Old and New


In the heart of the Shanghai city, there runs a street that perfectly reflects the beautiful yesteryears of Shanghai. Artistically designed, this location has been a crowd puller from the moment it was set up. It nestles the rich cultural and historical legacies of China and makes a one stop destination to savor an un-matched sightseeing experience of unique Chinese architecture.   The history and old time feel exhibited on the Xin Tian Di is …